NSC | Nano Waterproofer for Concrete & Porous Substrates



Nano-Star's NSC Nano Waterproofer is the latest generation of water-based waterproofing with titanium nano technology which blends with the substrate and forms nanoscale nets strong to resist water. NSC is produced through nanotechnology engineering state of the art to achieve strong waterproofing performance on the surface
substrate without changing the appearance of the substrate.

NSW | Nano Waterproofer & Oil-Proofer for Wood



Nano-Star' NSW Nano Waterproofer is a water based titanium nano waterproofing technology specifically designed for wood. NSW form nano nets to repel water and
oil. By using NSW, wood becomes not easily weathered and makes a bond of wood particles become more stable.

NSM | Nano Waterproofer & Anti-Stain for Marble



Nano-Star's NSM Nano Waterproofer is a water based titanium nano waterproofing technology specifically designed for marble. NSM forms nanoscale nets to resist water, oil and stains. By using NSM, marble becomes more stain resistant and easy cleaned up.


HDG V1 | Heavy Duty Degreaser for Efflorescence, Minerals, Stains



Nano-Star's Heavy Duty Degreaser V1 (HDG V1) is the ultimate cleaning solution to restoring the look of your surface and substrate. HDG V1 is a unique formulation that penetrates into your substrate pores to powerfully remove dirt, minerals, efflorescence and lime. It works in seconds. HDG V1 makes a great surface preparation product before coatings or treatment. It can be used on a variety of surfaces including metals.

FGC | Fungicide to remove Mould, Moss, Algae, Fungi



Nano-Star's FGC Fungi Buster is the ultimate solution for your mould and fungi problems. FGC is a unique formulation that penetrates into the pores of substrates to locate fungi roots. It then suspends the foreign particle and powerfully removes it. This eradicates the problem completely to prevent recurrence. Simply wash off after curing.


MBC | Moisture Barrier Coat



Nano-Star's Moisture Barrier Coat (MBC) is an extremely powerful cementitious water barrier for negative side waterproofing. MBC contatins highly reactive chemicals that react deep within concrete experiencing leakages or seepages to form non-soluble stable crystallines. MBC is the best negative side waterproofing method in the world - easy to use and quickly solves any seepage.

NCW | Negative Cement Wedge



Nano-Star's Negative Cement Wedge (NCW) is a high performance cement wedge that acts quickly even under water flow and negative to stop leaks and unintendend water flow. Designed using a mix of cement particulates and binders, NCW is extremely fast-setting. NCW is to be mixed with NSC.

13CD | Concrete Densifier



Nano-Star's 13CD Concrete Densifier is a non-hazardous liquid spray-on treatment that penetrates deep into substrate pores to increase concrete/ masonry strength from WITHIN. 13CD particles powerfully react with alkali INSIDE the cement to create an internal crystal-based shield. 13CD particles penetrate substrates to purge unwanted impurities and contaminants to create a denser concrete less susceptible to extreme conditions. Also,, it reduces moisture vapor transmission and increases life time by 300%.