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BRAND | Nano Star is using the latest generation of waterproofing that we created through Nano technology engineering.

HISTORY | In 2013 our R&D team successfully discovered a secret formulation that made concrete resist water perfectly.

To this day we continue to make improvements and make new breakthroughs creating various other amazing findings.



NANO STAR INDONESIA | Nano Star is managed professionally by PT. Anugerah Magna Nanoteknologi.

START | Nano Star has been present in Indonesia since January 2019 and became the First Nano Waterproofing Technology in Indonesia.



STRONGER | Nano Star products harness the power of nanotechnology to drastically increase properties of coated substrates. Our nano waterproofers though small and invisible will waterproof substrates against extreme water pressure wand weather.


FASTER | Nano Star systems are super easy to apply and cures extremely quickly. Our construction solutions will drastically increase the speed of project completion - 10x faster effectively than the old method.

ECONOMICAL | Nano star system has a cheaper calculation compared to other waterproofing methods.



SINGAPORE | Nano Star has collaborated with several institutions, such as Housing & Development Board Singapore (HDB), ACRA, Singapore Business Federation, NUS, BEX Asia, Singapore Enviroment Council, radio stations and many more.

INDONESIA | In Indonesia, Nano Star also has collaborated with other institutions, such as Building Engineers Association (BEA), Ikatan Engineers Indonesia (IKEI), Asosiasi Chief Engineer (ACE), and many more.

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